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Periodontal Disease Maintenance

It takes a surprisingly short amount of time for the plaque in your mouth to turn into calculus. Your everyday teeth brushing and flossing helps to control that plaque and keep it from advancing, but the areas that are difficult to access require special attention.

Once you have completed your periodontal treatment, you will likely require more dental maintenance cleanings than normal. During these additional cleanings, the pocket depths will be inspected to ensure they are healthy.

In addition to that, these additional cleanings will likely also include:

  • Teeth Polishing – This is to remove stains and plaque buildup that isn’t easily removed during regular cleanings.
  • Oral Hygiene Recommendation – Your dentist or dental hygienist will review your daily teeth cleaning habits and provide recommendations and aids such as electric toothbrushes or fluoride or rinses if necessary.
  • Oral Cancer Screening – The dentist will examine the neck, lips, tongue, throat, face, cheeks and gums for signs of cancer.
  • Examination of Tooth Decay – All tooth surfaces will be examined for decay.
  • Examination of Existing Restorations – All crowns and fillings will be checked.
  • Examination of Diagnostic X-Rays – This is critical for the detection of decay, cysts, tumors, or bone loss.

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